Connecting Vancouver's next generation of leaders from commerce, government, philanthropy & the arts. 

The Pacific Club is a club for Vancouver's young professionals that provides a forum for connecting with one another while also delivering some of Vancouver's most accomplished experts through our keynote speaking events.

What to expect at The Pacific Club's speaker series - where we interview entrepreneurs, business luminaries, thought leaders, and other changemakers in Vancouver. This video features a fireside chat with the President/CEO of DWave Systems, the world's first quantum computing company. Since 1991, The Pacific Club has been Vancouver's premier young business professional club.


Vancouver has a reputation of being a tough city to meet new people. In business, this adds to the number challenges for professionals who are in the growth stages of their careers. The Pacific Club provides an environment for the leaders of tomorrow to learn from one another and grow together. 

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Join Vancouver's motivated professionals as a member for $250 per year. Benefits include access to 6 speaker events, Pacific Club parties, special rates to local businesses and more. We work very closely with our partners to deliver exponential returns on membership.  

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